Saver is an object, action, or process that prevents the use or expenditure of a specific resource.  A Saver Consumer is a person, who through his actions:

  • smart and mindful shopping,
  • balanced consumption style,

is saving natural and financial resources.


To inform consumers about:

  • the impact of the pruchase on people and the environement;
  • how to practicing mindful shopping:
    • to procure products from responsible businesses that care about nature and people;
    • to procure products in the right quantities;
  • how to practicing responsible consumption:
    • to use products in the rational quantities without practicing excessive consumption;
    • to use products in a smart way as to reduce the waste in the use and after use process.


Providing accessible, structured, and transparent information for the blog and product catalog.


Founded in February 2019, as a site designed for consultation on the correct spending of money.

Because balanced consumption contributes to the reduction of production volume, and in turn it contributes to the reduction of emissions and waste in the production, use and post-use process, the decision is made to participate in GreenTech Rangers. This is a contest where it comes with IT solutions related to solving ecological and climatic problems. Here we participate with the idea of the Green List – the list of companies that practice a production style that through its actions protects the environment and consumers.

In June 2020, we participate in Climate LaunchPad with the current version of the Saver Consumer platform – educational blog + online store with products that are evaluated based on their impact on the environment and people.