The more is responsible consumption, the more is responsible production

Responsible consumers and companies

We can increase the number of responsible businesses in by practicing the following:

  1. mindful shopping: choose products from companies that care about people and the environment.
  2. balanced consumption style: use the goods in rational quantities.
  3. education: talking online and offline about responsible consumption to motivate more people to become saver consumers.

The following table shows schematically that the more is responsible consumption, the more is responsible production.

In this way, will largely succeed companies that meet the following:

  • establishing conscious business objectives, where an important place is given to global problems.
  • designing products that are useful and sustainable.
  • developing a technological process that is environmentally friendly and uses recycled raw materials.
  • organizing the logistics system in an efficient way, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  • building a waste collection system, generated by its production.
  • practicing constructive marketing, where the consumer is informed and not manipulated.

Above you can see how important your actions as a consumer are. Use this power!


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Hello and thank you for joining me on the blog. Probably my name doesn't tell you anything, and you wonder why you read me :) For this question I have the following answer: The articles created by me are some conclusions made after: - analysis of people's behavior during shopping and after; - analysis of direct and hidden advertising (such as advertising from the movies, shows, songs, and so on); - activating in different positions: low and high salary jobs, jobs where I did monkey job, and positions where I organized the work activities of several dozen people. - analysis of thematic information from different sources (TV, books, blogs, documentaries, and others). The information has been structured in such a way that it is easy for you to find answers to the questions related to "How to contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation and to the well-being of people through the tools we have as consumers".

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